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Renovations for Commercial Facilities

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renovations wall brush paintingExterior building renovations improve the first impression your customers get. Whether the building itself needs waterproofing and/or painting or your parking lot needs renovation, a licensed general contractor should be the first call you make.

Who is the first person you need to contact if the interior or exterior of your commercial facility needs renovations? An experienced general contractor. He can provide you with professional advice and do the work within your budget. He’ll be sure to give your business the attention it deserves.

A licensed general contractor can help you manage the entire process. He can help if you need to change the interior of your restaurant, hotel, medical building, retail or office space . In no time at all your business can have a new room look or a fresh “facelift” without a lot of hassle.

Renovation of an outdated commercial building can give an aging property a new lease on life.

Renovating Opportunities

Renovating a business presents an opportunity to enhance the overall look and feel of your office, restaurant, hotel, or other commercial type facility. But it also improves in the energy efficiency and general energy demand.

Retrofitting energy-efficient fixtures, windows, doors, insulation and other high energy demand appliances can play a significant role in reducing the operating costs, particularly in older buildings. Additionally, remodeled facilities help  gain more customers and attract new tenants.

Unexpected Surprises

Unexpected discoveries, such as plumbing, electrical, or water damage issues found while renovating can lead to additional costs. But making the repairs during the renovation process can prevent more headaches down the line.

Staying in Business during Renovations

A general contractor with years of experience in commercial renovations can make sure your business can remain operational during renovation. Careful planning, scheduling and work flow ensure that tenants, contractors and customers have access to the building at the same time. A good contractor knows how to minimize down time for your project and provide options to achieving the best results.

A renovation does not need to be a never-ending nightmare that continues to rack up additional, unexpected renovation charges for a facility manager. Your commercial renovation project will be completed on time, within budget, using the highest quality products.

Things to Consider When Buying or Building A Greenhouse

Thinking of Buying a Greenhouse

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Things to Consider When Buying or Building A Greenhouse

When using a greenhouse for hydroponics farming, some techniques have proven very effective. This is done by using water instead of soil to grow the crops.

This decision will not be easy. Because the land has been with the family for years, perhaps this is. Every known pesticide and herbicide has been used. But still during the same time each year, the same pests still come and do considerable damage.

greenhouse: hydroponics farming

Greenhouses work well especially during winter.

Suppliers also provide the equipment to keep the crops warm. The heaters used will depend on the size of the structure and the budget of the farmer.

People can get greenhouses in different shapes and sizes. A lot of customers prefer the free-standing models. This can be custom built and delivered in a few days if ever the supplier does not have the size for the farmer.

Since these are shatter proof, the farmer will be able to save money. This is because when ordinary glass is used and it is damaged, it has to be replaced.

The greenhouse is an enclosed structure that allows the farmer to grow crops in a controlled environment. This means that the right nutrients and proper sunlight are provided all year round without anymore having to worry about pests.

More crops will be sold during harvesting season and profits will grow. If there is still space in the farm, the farmer could then invest in more greenhouses.

The kind of structure used for the greenhouse depends on the weather where the farm is situated. Should the area have strong winds, then the structure made out of metal instead of wood will be a good choice.

This has enabled farmers to grow vegetables and fruits giving these individuals more profit than ever before.

People can get greenhouses in different shapes and sizes.

The other thing that makes up the greenhouse is the panels. If the farm experiences hailstorms or snow storms often, it will be a food idea for the farmer to get panels made of plastic or Plexiglas.

Buying a greenhouse has proven to be the effective way of growing crops and with the efforts of the farmer; the investment for this structure will soon pay off.

Owning a farm is not just about planting crops and harvesting it. Since there is a lot of work to be done, the person must be prepared always to face the challenges ahead. This could be in the form of diseases, pests and the weather.

A farmer who has worked the land and still faces the same problems will eventually get tired. That person has to then make a choice. That is whether to sell the farm or try a new approach to make it profitable.

Since it takes a lot of effort on the part of the farmer to maintain the farm, another thing that can help is the installation of a timer. Greenhouses can have timers which will release water mixed with nutrients at certain times of the day to help the plants grow.

This can be made of glass, wood, metal or plastic. The farmer just has to decide where the greenhouse will be placed and the size to get.

Greenhouses can grow a variety of things.

People first used this to grow tests but flowers have shown that this can increase the productivity of crops 10 times more than traditional farming.

Scientists and other experts have found more than one way to do this which is gaining popularity in the agricultural industry.

Greenhouses work well especially during winter. The heaters used will depend on the size of the structure and the budget of the farmer.

There are some models that are powered by electricity, oil and gas. This machine will give the farmers the means to meet the demands of the people during this period.

The other thing that makes up the greenhouse is the panels. If the farm experiences hailstorms or snow storms often, it will be a food idea for the farmer to get panels made of plastic or Plexiglas.

This approach will require something new and this is the best time that scientists and other experts will suggest that the farmer buy a greenhouse.

Should the farmer decide to get one, the things to be considered are the budget, the size of the weather and the farm conditions that exist. By getting the right structure for the job, the land will pass and grow on to the next generation.

hire an accountant

Hire An Accountant To Prepare Your Tax Returns

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Numerous taxpayers do their very own tax returns (Do It Yourself) by utilizing an off- the-shelf or on-line tax accountant software application.

Should You Hire An Accountant To Prepare Your Tax Returns?

Did you used up more than a few hrs on your tax obligations this year? Then it’s time to ask on your own whether it makes sense to outsource this job to an accounting professional. Am I preparing the income tax return properly or am I overpaying my tax obligations?

hire an accountant

The following 5 products may be indicators that it might be to your advantage to have an accountant:

Hire an Accountant If:

1. If your revenue is under$200,000 then your chance of being investigated has to do with.9%. When your earnings mores than $200,000 your probabilities are 3.7%.  Should your revenue over $1 million it enhances to 12.5%. Would you not like to have an accountant already in your corner if the IRS calls you?

2. A lot of company as well as rental homes and take an expenditure called devaluation on capital assets. A tax accounting professional will know ways to take care of capital properties and devaluation. I excellent tax obligation accountant will help you decreasing your tax obligations.

3. You prepare for marketing of stocks or other funding possessions. An accounting professional can assist you decrease tax obligations like tax-loss harvesting.

4. You want to offer your kid’s or grandchildren’s future. Accountants can be important in order to help choose which automobiles to utilize for tax tax-free or deferred cost savings.  No matter if you are thinking about a 529 plan for college cost savings.  Or developing a trust for your grandchildren and children, an accountant can help.

5. A tax accountant is so acquainted with the tax system.  She or he could swiftly and also easily full jobs that could take taxpayers hours of study. Also if your tax obligation scenario is simple, engaging a tax accountant will certainly conserve your time as well as anxiety.


Right here are some advantages of employing a tax accountant:

You are too active to do your very own tax obligations. Having an accountant prepare your returns will certainly permit you to accomplish your various other tasks.

Available year-round. The majority of accountant workplaces are open all year.   They will certainly have the ability to address essential concerns that emerge.  Not just during tax period but at various other time throughout the year.

The Choice is Yours

Doing your tax obligations yourself with software or hiring a tax accountant is a personal choice. If you just have a couple of W2s and have a house after that you could conserve hundreds of bucks by preparing your very own income tax return, whereas those with business income, various other financial investments as well as rental homes will uncover the expenditure of hiring an accountant to be worth their assurance as well as prospective tax cost savings.

An accountant can aid you prepare do that the gain is taxed at a lower rate compared to your common revenue as well as help you find other ways to reduce tax obligations like tax-loss harvesting.

Much like a respectable household medical professional that understands your clinical history, you could plant a connection with an accountant so that they recognizes your household economic condition and also future objectives. The worth of this suggestions could absolutely go beyond the added price of talking to a tax obligation professional.


The decision to doing your tax obligations on your own with software or working with a tax accountant is a personal decision. Your comfort as well as understanding with the tax code will be part of your decision, yet the intricacy of your finances must be the crucial establishing aspect. If you only have a couple of W2s and also have a home after that you might save money by preparing your own tax returns.   Those with business revenue, various investments as well as rental residential properties, you may find the cost of working with an accountant to be worth overall cost savings.

A tax obligation accounting professional is so knowledgeable about the tax system, he or she could swiftly and also effortlessly complete jobs that might take taxpayers hours of research study. Even if your tax obligation scenario is simple, involving a tax obligation accounting professional will conserve your time and stress.

Cashflow and the Family Business

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Most businesses have issues with cashflow as it never seems be that expenses need to be paid before you actually get paid.  Unless you are a well established business and your income is predictable for years, banks can be a very fickle place to get help with this issue.

Personally, I like to deal with non-bank lenders as I find them much better to work with.  In my family’s experience, asking a bank for a loan has always been an awkward experience so we tend to stay away from it.  What I mean by awkward is that they want to know everything about you and the business history for many years.  When I need Small Business Funding, I need it when I apply for it, not in 3 months from now and I do not want the bank to take a lien on every piece of machinery and acre of land we have when I only need funding to cover some Operating Expenses.

Create Cashflow with a Farm Market Stand


If I were looking to borrow money to buy more land, I would be willing to use that land as collateral, but if I only need a Short-term Business Loan, why would I be expected to tie up everything I own as collateral.  To me, that is just tying my hands so I cannot work forward.

Alternative Cashflow Lenders will generally take the items involved in the transaction as collateral, and that is it.

What I mean by that is if you are looking for Cashflow Financing to cover short term Operational Expenses, Accounts Receivable Factoring or Accounts Receivable Financing as it is also called, the lender will take the Accounts Receivables as collateral.  Generally speaking, they will not want to take a lien on everything you own – commercially and personally – like the banks will nearly always do.

Now I will say, that as far as interest is concerned, the alternative lenders do charge a bit more than a bank would but to me, the cost far outweighs the benefits of keeping your other assets available for leveraging if the need arises.  To me, if I had everything tied up with the bank and then I needed to get additional funding for something and because of that I would need to go back to the bank, hat in hand, asking to have permission to do something with my own property – that is awkward to say the least!

Now I am not going to tell you which alternative lender to go to because everyone has their preferences but I will say that for me, I tend to return to the same lender each time the need arises as I can work with them seamlessly from where I am, I do not need to travel to the city for countless meetings which takes me away from what I should be doing.  I like to do as much as I can over the internet and the Commercial Lenders on the internet allow me to get the funding I need with the least amount of inconvenience.

As always, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to message me.



Rural Property Mortgages

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When you are looking to purchase your first rural property or add to what you currently have, the bank is generally the first thing that comes to mind when looking to borrow the money to make the purchase.  In my experience, that may be setting yourself up for more headaches that it is worth.

Rural Field View

My preference is to keep the bank as far away from my property as I can and this includes when it come time to borrow money to buy more land.  Now I am not saying you need to save your money to buy acreage in cash.  That is actually a really bad idea as you will tie up all the money you have which could be used for operating your business, you will miss out on the tax advantages of being able to expense your interest payments and limit your ability of expansion quite drastically.

Borrowing money to expand your farm business can be a good thing as long as it meets your needs and does not involve leveraging more that is really required.  Most often, when you take a bank loan, the bank will want not only to have a lien on the property you purchase, but every other property and asset you have in the business as well a personally.  This will generally be justified by the bank in stating if you have enough confidence in yourself to make the payment, this should not be an issue.  So long as you pay, nothing will be in jeopardy.

While this may be true, the other side of the issue is that you are running a business and if you leverage every asset you have for a particular purchase today, what happens tomorrow if you need funding for something else?

The answer to that question is that you will need to return to the bank to ask them to lend the funding to you and if they refuse you, you will have no other options because you will not have any assets available to borrow against to get the additional funding you want.  Most people do not see this until it is too late and they they have to scramble to find a way to take the bank out with Alternative Commercial Funding such as Commercial Rural Mortgage Lenders and the like.

I will tell you that this is much harder than is sounds.  Most often, the bank will be so well entrenched in your business that taking them out will come at a great business and personal cost – something that is not discussed as you are signing the contracts with them at their office.

Banks are not always the worst choice, but they surely are not always the best choice.  Please, do yourself a favor when you are looking to purchase property, do not just talk to your bank, also speak with Alternative Rural Mortgage Lenders for Rural Property Mortgages.  The interest may be a bit more but you will not have all the other restrictions place upon you that you will likely have with the bank.  Keep your eyes wide open!

As always, if you have any question or comments, I would be please to hear from you.


Heavy Equipment Financing

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Have you ever tried to get Equipment Financing for your Heavy Equipment at a bank? If you have, you will relate to this article.

Last year I had to purchase a new combine for my farm and I just happened to be in my bank doing a deposit and I mentioned that I was on my way to the John Deere dealer to shop for a new combine. The teller I was dealing with, who was doing her job, suggested I speak with one of their representatives so the financing could be set up for the purchase. Since I had a bit of time on my hands, I decided to see what they had to say.

JD Combine

Let me say at this point, I have grown accustomed to dealing with a particular Alternative Lender for my Equipment Financing but I thought why not see what they can offer me.

To make a long story short, I met with the banker and he told me all about how the bank can offer. Once the niceties had concluded the bank proceeded to advise me of all the information they would need to have me supply they with which were the tax returns for the last 3 years, audited financial statements for the last 5 years, they wanted my wife to come in to fill out an application as well because they would need a joint personal guarantee from both of us and once they had that, they would be able to review the application to see if we could get approved. The review process was expected to take about 4 weeks once all information would be provided to them.

At that moment, I thanked the banker for his time and excused myself from his office.

Generally speaking, when you are dealing with an Alternative Commercial Lender, they will want the application completed, bank statements for the last couple of years and sometimes confirmation that our taxes are paid to the current date.

Processing time with the Equipment Finance Company I use is normally within 48 hours of submitting the application, we always have a response.

Despite from the fact that the Alternative Commercial Funder is so much quicker, the fact that they only have a lien on the equipment I purchase, not everything our family owns is a lot more comforting than the bank who wants to have everything we have as collateral as well as personal guarantees from both my wife and I.

If you have had similar experiences or any comments, it would be great to hear from you!

AR Factoring for Farmers Market Operations

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In Ohio, we have some of the best Farmers’ Markets anywhere and it can be a pretty good seasonal business. Many farmers have their own road side stands and these same farmers will sell on a wholesale basis to other stands or markets. While most farmers do require to be paid upon delivery of their produce, some of the bigger markets cannot operate that way and will pay on terms – usually net 30 days.

Farmers Market Sign

If you are working with the larger markets, which is much simpler for a farm to supply, not having to worry about the smaller markets who only need a little produce every few days, it is much better for business if you sell to the larger markets so that you have only a few customers to be concerned with.

The downside to that plan is that you will need to cover the expenses until the time that the large markets make the payment to you. This is where AR Factoring comes into play. These larger markets will typically be customers which most Accounts Receivable Factoring Companies will have no problem advancing funds against the delivered goods from which the invoices were generated for.

How this works is like this:

  • You deliver the produce to the market and raise an invoice at that time and have the market sign a confirmation of delivery for the order;
  • You provide the invoice and the proof of delivery to the Factoring Company;
  • The Factoring Company will then give you an advance on the sale based on the face value of the invoice raised;
  • The Factoring Company will then do the collection of the invoice from the market;
  • When the market pays, the Factoring Company will then give you the balance of the funds less a service fee for the advance based on the number of days the funds have been in your possession.

Financing of Accounts Receivables really is a simple solution for many businesses to help cover the costs of Farmers Market Operations which include the harvesting, packaging, shipping as well as fuel and labor costs related to all these activities.

Now a word of caution: Not all Alternative Lenders do work with food related industries so when you are looking for an Alternative Lender for your cash flow assistance, be sure to let them know up front that you are a farm and which products you work with. Some foods carry different ratings than other due to spoilage probability and price volatility.  You do not want to go through the process of getting approved for funding only to find in the end that you will not be able to put everything in place due to an oversight.

Personally, I have had great success with this type of funding for our Agricultural Business, hopefully this advice will help yours.

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